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It All Starts with a Seed...

The Village Tree strives to plant the seed for sustainable change in the communities we

serve. We help drive change by providing workshops focusing on healthy living and container gardening, as well as making our garden space accessible for local residents. The Village Tree started with an idea and small pots of funding from across the United States. Through the support and key partnerships, we have expanded our capacity to serve our community. In 2020, we will collaborate with Bright Spot Farms, St. Francis Hospital, and West Side Grows Together to provide produce for a food insecurity program. The goal of the program is to provide patients screened as food insecure with access to fresh healthy produce as well as learning opportunities.

This is just a small taste of what is to come in 2020, but to think that just 2 years ago The Village Tree was only an idea to today where it has developed into a thriving community-based non-profit. What seeds can you plant? Plant them now, so they can grow and feed the village; for it takes a village, to raise a village.

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