Empowering communities 

by way of mind, body, and soul. 


With over 100 active members, our organization forms a strong and reliable network.


This allows us to advocate in the local community and work directly with the people we serve.


The Village Tree strengthens and empowers communities, by providing information and resources that enhances the mind, body and soul. 


The Village Tree is an organization that seeks to empower communities through strengthening individuals and families, by means of utilizing the mind, body, and soul concept, while providing everyone with information and tools from local resources to assist them in self-sufficiency and sustainability.

A powerful network

The Village Tree vision is to help empower the community by way of Mind, body, and soul. 

Our vision is to provide individuals with tools to improve their life conditions by rejuvenating urban communities through working towards rebuilding the mindset of surviving in these tough economic times.